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Our gorgeous White Clouds Candle Jar is displayed in a 500g hand blown glass jar. With a lamp style cover that can be removed, the candle can be used with or without lamp top. However the lamp top makes it ideal for outdoor use also. As each jar is hand blown, this makes each candle jar unique therefore no two are exactly the same. This candle is made with vegan soy wax and highly scented vegan fragrance oils. This double wick candle jar has an amazing burn time of approximately 85 hours giving you many hours of your favourite fragrance.

Dimensions 17cm high  and 11 cm wide ( with lid on) and 10cm high (without lid). Available in an array of fragrance options.

White clouds Candle Lamp Jar

  • Ensure candle is placed on a level, heat resistant surface

    Keep away from children and pets

    Keep away from curtains etc

    Allow to cool completely before moving or cleaning.

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