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This unique oil and wax melt warmer is the perfect addition to any spooky decor especially for Halloween. Shaped like a classic witch hat it will create a magical spooky ambiance as it fills your home with bewitching fragrance and a warm starry glow. Dimensions H15cm x W14.5cm x D14.5cm approx. Included is complimentary spiced pumpkin wax melts and a tealight to get you started. 

Witch Hat Oil Burner and Wax Warmer

  • Ensure product is placed on a level, heat resistant surface.

    Do not over fill the bowl depth

    Keep away from children & pets

    Keep away from curtains etc

    Never leave burning unattended

    Allow to cool fully before moving or cleaning


  • Remove top of witch hat to place wax melt or fragrance oil

    Pleace tea light inside burner and light.

    Be careful not to over fill the bowl therefore wax/fragrance oil won't overflow.