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Our luxurious massage candles not only create a relaxing atmosphere but leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. The botanical oils and butters used in our massage candles melt into a warm and sumptous massage oil. They are a fabulous pamper treatment to be used either at home or as part of a Spa Treatment. They are 100% Pure Aromatherapy, 100% Plant based and Vegan friendly. The Sweet Orange candle also contains Argan Oil which has many benefits for the skin including, anti-aging, protection from sun damage and also soothes a number of skin conditions. Why not give them a try?

Vegan Essence Massage Candles

  • Light the candle and allow a wax pool to the edge of the container. Extinguish the flame & allow the wax to cool a little before using. Lightly drizzle the wax onto the back of your hand, onto the body & massage in. Use sparingly as a little goes a long way.  Do not burn for longer than is recommended on the container 1 hour & make sure to trim the wick inbetween each use. Enjoy!

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